One of the first things most people notice about Albert Park is the tree-lined roads. Many of the trees in the smaller suburb of Melbourne are exotic, with trees come from both England and the Canary Islands finding their way here. The Canary Island date palm trees, for example, are very noticeable, especially along the Albert Park foreshore, but the London planes are also very beautiful and can be spotted not just along the bay, but throughout Albert Park.


Albert Park, because of its position near the ocean and the community’s focus on green space, is quite popular for those who love the outdoors. This suburb was named after Prince Albert, who was Queen Victoria’s consort, so it makes sense that Albert Park is one of the most popular destinations in all of the state of Victoria. Though it was once a military camp, it has since become a vacation destination and the original city planners endeavored to make Albert Park resemble London as closely as possible, which draws many immigrants from England to his part of Melbourne.


This suburb also has some of the very best examples not just of Victorian architecture, but also Edwardian architecture, mixed in with very contemporary buildings, which gives Albert Park both a historic and a modern vibe. Along with the outdoor activities, this suburb is home to the Australian Grand Prix and to the South Melbourne Football Club. Squash, basketball, and polo are all popular in this area.


Walking along the tree-lined streets and looking out over the water, it is easy to put off making a will. Albert Park residents often believe they have much better things to worry about than what is going to happen to their estates after they die. And because this area is populated primarily by young families and professionals, many people in the suburb do not think that they need to have a will. The truth is, however, that if a person has any assets at all and has any loved ones, they should have a will.


Making a will in Albert Park is actually easier than it sounds. In the past, you used to have to retain a lawyer and then work with that lawyer over a long period of time in order to write your will. Today, the process is much easier and much more streamlined. Instead, all you have to do is meet with one of our will experts and discuss the needs of your estate. We make making a will in Albert Park simple, fast, and easy, so you can move on and start enjoying your life.


Having a will means protecting your loved ones and providing for them after you pass away. Because life is unpredictable, having a plan at every stage of life is extremely important. We make that possible.