Elwood is one of the most popular summer destinations in Melbourne. With a beautiful beach, great Edwardian architecture, and an abundance of exotic London Plane trees, Elwood is a favorite of many Melbourne residents and visitors. This area of the city has a particular charm, and recent renewal efforts have made it even friendlier to tourists, as well as its own residents.

In the early history of the area, Elwood, like most of Melbourne, was originally a swamp. When the Elwood Canal was built, the swamp was drained. It was not, however, always the oceanfront, summer destination that it is today. The first settlers in this area were actually fever victims, and Elwood was the site of the state’s first quarantine, as well as the first graveyard for St. Kilda. Predominantly middle class until the late 20th century, Elwood has been a suburb of Melbourne for more than a hundred years. It has recently become a highly-sought after address for upper class individuals and families.

Elwood is home to a wide variety of architecture, ranging from Victorian terraces, to 1920 art deco homes, to very industrial buildings from the 1950s and 60s, to the quirky structures built to house cabarets in the 1970s.

Elwood has seen much adversity over the years, but it has survived and persisted, and this spirit leaks into its residents. Despite this, many of those residents have not yet made the proper provisions to care for their families. It is common to put off making a will in Elwood because there are far more fun things to do and think about, but it is important for anyone who wants to protect his home and his family to have a will that ensures his estate is properly distributed.

Though Elwood is a beautiful, safe place to live, it is not immune to tragedies and accidents. A will is not just for those that are growing close to death, it is for anyone who has assets and want to make sure that his family and loved ones are cared for if he should die. Making a will in Elwood is just as important for young families just starting out as it is for retirees. It is important for citizens of this great suburb to not neglect this very necessary part of their lives.

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Do not let the beauty and whimsy of Elwood prevent you from making the life preparations that are necessary of anyone with assets and a family or loved ones they want to protect.