Just imagine a business where over 70% of people need your help.

Homevisitwills Franchising is Australia’s number one provider of Wills and Estate planning business opportunities.

Through our specialised brands Homevisitwills provide easy to manage, profitable franchises. Our simple, efficient and professional systems provide our team with the ability to give world class client service and delivery of this most sensitive part of life planning.  Whether you are a business professional looking to provide services for your clients or if you are an individual woman or couple looking for a meaningful business to operate Homevisitwills can provide this. With over 20 years experience in the industry our focus is on the provision of professional, efficient, compassionate and ethical service to our franchisees and our clients.

Where your service is easily affordable, where your efforts translate into serious income and where customers are already expecting you to call.

If you decide to take on one of Homevisitwills great opportunities you will be the boss of your own business. We will use our skills to help build your business; we will be working with you to ensure the success of YOUR business

It is a flexible business opportunity being offered by Homevisitwills, a business that can be operated on a standalone basis or alongside your existing business.

  • Over 50% of people fail to protect their assets and family by writing a Will.
  • 50% of people with a Will need to update them

If you die without a Will, the Government decides who gets what
Some people are aware that they should be making a will but few are aware of the consequences of not making a will.

Full Training and ongoing support

Homevisitwills is a business that has SERVICE to their clients at the top of the list of priorities.

At Homevisitwills we go the extra mile for our team and our clients to create a WOW experience for them. Our client feedback surveys are given to every client to monitor their feedback on the service they have received. In 2014 over 98% of our clients rated our products, service, speed of delivery and value for money as either GOOD or EXCELLENCE

Your success means our success!

Our marketing team will support you right from the start. You will benefit from our experiences and success to date along with our proven processes and marketing procedures manual.

Our team will also provide you with an individual marketing and sales plan for you to follow in order to give you as much chance of immediate success as possible.

This plan will be based on your availability, the population demographics of your area and many other factors.You will also have the back up of our current team who are already successful in the business.

Full training is provided. This includes a 3 day training course along with continuous professional development, coaching, mentoring and training from our established and experienced team.

When your application to join Homevisitwills is approved you are encouraged to hit the ground running after your initial training with support and guidance and pre course activity.

This combined with our Development Programme will give you an advantage over many business opportunities as you will start with good potential sources of business and income.

Initially we are looking for people who have a passion to contribute and help other people. This skill combined with a desire to work in an ethical, compassionate and moral way will ensure success.

Our team come from many backgrounds. The one skill they all have is to communicate with their clients and business contacts in a professional and empathetic way.

People who possess these skills as a natural ability will have an advantage when applying to join our team. Our industry calls on our business to be carried out with compassion and empathy.

The initial term of the agreement will be 3 years. During the term of the agreement progress and results will be discussed at regular intervals. There will be a built in option to upgrade from one level to another during the term. (e.g. A casual consultant may upgrade to part time or area manager status if applicable)

This will be negotiable during the period and one month prior to expiry of the initial agreement. An option to renew an existing agreement will also be negotiable up to 90 days prior to the expiry date.

Established initially in the UK in 2005 Homevisitwills has a 10 year history. It has established itself in Western Australia since 2010 as the number one Women’s Will writing and Estate planning service.

Whilst Homevisitwills provides services to couples and men as well as women we know that women have specific needs around the Estate planning area and these are addressed by our team. This has been the main criteria for our success in recognising these particular issues.

Hundreds of testimonials from our clients say things like: ‘Very professional and efficient’ – ‘Worry free, relaxed and informative’- ‘Great, friendly and professional service’

Support comes to you from our


Homevisitwills carries all the relevant business and professional indemnity insurances to protect both clients and team members alike


Homevisitwills offers full training and ongoing professional development to all our team members as we make our goal one to deliver the highest possible professional and ethical standards of service backed up by the very best training for all our people.


As the leading women’s will and Estate planning organisation in Western Australia, we are proud of the record we have established in customer satisfaction and choice of services.

Customer Care

At Homevisitwills, we pride ourselves on achieving world class standards of customer care and we make every effort to continuously improve all of the services we provide to our clients. We offer full training and ongoing professional development to all our team members as we make our goal one to deliver the highest possible professional and ethical standards of service backed up by the very best training for all our people.


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