• Did you ever dream in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s that you might live to be 100 years old?
  • Did you imagine that your so called ‘midlife crisis’ may actually occur in your 50’s?


Life expectancy has been rising steadily over the last 50 years.

Statistics show that in 1951, on average, a man could expect to live to the age of 77. A woman to age 82.

Today, a man can expect to live to 86, and a woman well into her 90’s.

There are more centenarians alive today than ever before and growing rapidly.


This continuing rise in our anticipated life span raises many questions:

  • How much money will I need to live to be 100?
  • Will my quality of life be good into my 90’s and beyond?
  • Will I have to work longer, or go back to work in my 70’s, to support this longer life?
  • Can Governments sustain payment of pension and benefit entitlements for longer periods?
  • What can I achieve as I grow older?


104-year-old Fauja Singh runs the Mumbai Marathon





Many women take up new activities and hobbies in their older age





At 83 Warren Buffet still works daily and has contributed millions to mankind projects






These questions, and of course many others, are mostly unanswerable and will depend on personal (and Government) planning as we live longer.

The increased life expectancy of the population is one of the greatest achievements of the modern age.

It bears testament to continuing improvements in public health and social care. The expansion of the age spectrum provides the potential for us to enhance opportunities for older people to make an even greater contribution to our society.

We can support younger generations financially, practically and in the transfer of our knowledge and wisdom, in volunteering, and in active engagement with local and national political issues.

You may not have a desire to run a marathon, go fishing or pick the most successful stocks however throughout your life you have gathered much that can be shared with younger generations.

You may even decide to learn something new and embark on a new journey in a new field.

We certainly live in interesting times!

Here at Homevisitwills we are focussing our attention on our clients Wills and Estate planning as they live longer.

Life can change in an instant as we have all experienced.

Often, we forget to update important documents such our Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship and Advance Health Directive (Living Will)

Key people in these documents such as your executor, trustee, attorney or guardian, may become unsuitable if they become ill themselves or pass away.

Sometimes due to time passing by we may even have lost these documents or simply forgotten where they are kept.

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Whilst considering this if your documents are not kept in a secure and fireproof facility consider using a secure document storage service such as StoreMyDocs,

This will give you and your family peace of mind that your papers will be available for your loved ones when they are needed. A small annual fee can secure all your important papers such as your Wills, Enduring Powers, title deeds, Birth and marriage certificates, financial papers such as insurance policies, tax returns and many more.

Live long! Live healthy! Live happy! As far as we know it’s the only one we will get!

This article was written for Homevisitwills by Colin Chapman