Originally a part of South Melbourne, Albert Park is now its own suburb, with a population nearing six thousand. When it first became part of Melbourne, it was largely a swamp, but is now a residential district, paired with some of the best green spaces and retail areas in the entire city. It also plays host to the Australian Grand Prix, one of the most popular racing events in the country. It features a number of cafes and is dotted with parks, including a collection of exotic trees.

Palm trees from the Canary Islands and plan trees of the London variety have both been planted and raised to adulthood here, creating very unique and beautiful parks that are frequented by residents of this suburb. The parks are partially in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert, after which the area is named. In the early days, Melbourne’s most successful citizens made the area that would become Albert Park their home, and many of the buildings and city planning that went into this area were constructed in to mimic London and its design.

St. Vincent’s garden, specifically has a number of beautiful exotic trees and is part of the National Trust. Walking amongst the trees and playing sports in the garden grounds are favorite activities of all who live here.

When surrounded by so much life and beauty, many people forget that life eventually ends. It is even more difficult to remember that sometimes it ends prematurely. This is why having a will, no matter your stage of life, is very important. While many may understand the importance of making a will in Albert Park, those who are young and still full of life will put it off, simply because the matter does not feel pressing. When a tragedy occurs, their family and loved ones may not be provided for.

In the event of a death wherein the individual does not have a will in place, that person’s estate will be distributed by the Australian court system. While this is sometimes a very easy process, it can also be a lengthy and expensive one, depending on the estate and the inheritors. Even simple, small estates can send months or even years in the courts, leaving very little for those who would have been taken care of by that estate had the deceased left behind a will.

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