Brighton, named after England’s Brighton, is one of Melbourne’s most beautiful and diverse suburbs. Perched on the water, the suburb itself has been completely designed around the ocean. When it was first claimed and then sectioned up to be sold off, it was divided into crescents and then subdivisions. This original pattern is still retained today. The man who originally bought the land, named Henry Dendy, named the area after his home in England, and the place has been called Brighton ever since. Though sales of this land were originally slow, it eventually became one of the most popular places in all of Melbourne, and it was established as one of the very first suburbs of this great city.

Just as in Brighton in England, bathing boxes line the beach, creating a colorful, unique vista for all who visit and take a trip down to the oceanfront. From the very beginning, this area was popular among the wealthy and the middle class alike, and it has remained one of the most popular and sought-after addresses in all of Melbourne. Though it is relatively far away from Melbourne’s Central Business District, it has its own high density of businesses, retail stores, and entertainment that make it a great place for a young professional, a family, or a retiree.

Some of Australia’s most famous residents call Brighton their home, including Eric Bana, the movie star, and Justus Jorgensen, the artist. The Heritage Kamesburgh Gardens are a favorite attraction of both locals and visitors, and the natural forests and coastline are always a draw.

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