Directly adjacent to Melbourne’s Central Business District, Docklands is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing suburbs. Because Melbourne is currently undergoing a massive renewal project, Docklands now encompasses some of the area’s most famous contemporary landmarks, including the Melbourne Star Ferris wheel and the Southern Cross Station.

What used to be swamp land, was converted into a dock early in the Docklands’ history. A railway was developed to carry goods from the docks into other parts of the city and the country, but as container shipping began to rise in popularity, these docks slowly fell into disuse. Because so many of the buildings were abandoned, it became a popular spot for underground parties, called raves. These parties continue to persist and are now even held at the Docklands Stadium.

When Docklands officially became its own suburb in the year 2000, renewal projects began to pick up steam, and the city began to hire local artists and landscapers in order to create beautiful outdoor spaces for residents. New developments and construction helped to draw new residents to the area, and it has grown quickly in population over the last ten years.

In conjunction with the renewal efforts, many of the area’s historical sites and buildings have been preserved or renovated so that they can be used by modern businesses. Docklands addresses are now extremely popular with Melbourne businesses, and the accessibility of this area makes it a great place to live or work.

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