The Central Business District or CBD is one of the most bustling parts of Melbourne. Located in Melbourne proper, sometimes called the Central City or even just The City, the business district is home to Melbourne’s downtown, and is an integral part of both the social scene and the economy, as it is home to most of the big office buildings and much of the city’s retailers, restaurants, and bars. What’s amazing about Melbourne’s central business is that it is the financial center not just for Melbourne, but also for Australia and for much of the Asia-Pacific area. This requires the city to have an all day and all night bustle.

Melbourne CBD is characterized by an interesting mix of old world Victorian architecture and new, high rise buildings, both of which are home to long-time and newly established businesses. Surrounding the high density of buildings in this area, are massive green spaces. These parks and gardens were built as a respite from the industrialization of the city and are a great green counterpoint to the hustle of Melbourne’s central business district.

This area plays home to five of Australia’s six tallest buildings. It is often placed on the same rung of the financial, economic, and artistic ladder as cities like Berlin and New York City. It is difficult to deny that Melbourne CBD is one of the fastest paced and most happening parts of not just Victoria, but the entire world.

With so much hustle and bustle going on in the Central City and so many great things to do and experience, it is easy to forget that all of this comes to an end. For some, it is a far ways off. For others, it might be close at hand. No matter the stage of life you find yourself in, having a well-written will should be a priority. Living in this part of Melbourne often means that you are either rushing to get to the next thing or that you are just trying to enjoy some time with your loved ones. Both of these activities can take precedence over making a will in Melbourne CBD.

The importance of having a will, however, cannot be overstated. When someone dies without a will, their estate is handled by the national court system, which means that that person is rarely able to leave the legacy they wanted to leave. Instead, that estate is at the mercy of the laws that govern estates without wills or trusts. We can prevent this from happening. Our will experts will set up a meeting with you on your schedule and terms, to create a will that protects your family and ensures the integrity of your legacy after you pass away. Making a will in Melbourne CBD has never been easier!