With a population of just over four thousands, Middle Park is one of the smaller Melbourne suburbs, and it definitely has a small town feel. Paired with the well-preserved Victorian architecture and terrace houses, living in Middle Park feels like living in another century. Melbourne’s preservation efforts are heavily focused on this suburb, and to date, it has some of the very best heritage houses and buildings in the entire city. The Victorian influence is so strong that many new buildings are built using the same design, so that they all blend well together.

The area is primarily populated by middle to upper class people, with the majority of residents being natural born Australians, though there are strong English, American, Greek, and Italian populations in this area. Middle Park is one of the friendliest places to live and is routinely listed as one of the most charitable suburbs of Melbourne. Among the prominent citizens of Middle Park is actor Guy Pearce.

This suburb has a number of notable landmarks, including the Middle Park Hotel, which is one of the best examples of Victorian architecture in the city. Though it was boarded up for the last half of the twentieth century, it is now again housing visitors to the area, as well as restaurants and bars. This building, along with the Victorian terrace houses that are very iconic, not just of the time period, but also in Middle Park itself.

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