There is perhaps no more beautiful suburb of Melbourne than Port Melbourne. Located as close to Melbourne as you can get without actually being in the city, and as close to the ocean as you can get without actually being in the water, it is a part of the city that attracts not just young professionals who enjoy Port Melbourne’s proximity to the business district, but also families and retirees who love the abundant green spaces and access to the ocean. With both Hobsons Bay and the Yarra River encompassed by this suburb, it is a great place to raise a family or to start a new life.

Though Port Melbourne was once a very industrial district, it has recently undergone a great deal of renewal and modernization, which has made it one of the more popular suburbs in the city. It is both historic and diverse, with parklands, beaches, great places to live, and huge variety of places to eat and things to do. And because Port Melbourne is also one of the country’s transport links, it sees quite a bit of coming and going, from a huge range of people.

This area has long been a trade hub, with a busy port where shipping companies would come ashore and then their goods would be sent to Melbourne. Along with the port came a burgeoning hotel and hospitality business. Since its beginning, it has developed a wide and varied economy, including everything from manufacturing to circuses.

When living in this bustling ocean suburb, it is easy to forget that life eventually comes to an end. And with so many activities to do and work to be done, finding the time to make a will that provides for your loved ones in the event of that death seems like a very low priority. And while Port Melbourne is a very safe place to live, that does not mean that car accidents and illness do not happen here.

Dying without a will in place can take a serious toll on your family. It does not only create the opportunity for fighting and more grief, it could also mean that your family sees a small share of the legacy you have worked so hard for. This makes it doubly important to make sure that you have a will.

Making a will in Port Melbourne does not have to be difficult or time consuming. When you hire us, one of our will experts will come to your home or office to discuss your needs and the needs of your estate in detail. We then create the will that will help you protect your family and your estate in the event of your death. Through every step of making a will in Port Melbourne, we make sure you understand the process and that your financial, legal, and family matters are properly encompassed in your will.