Southbank is one of the suburbs closest to the bustling central business district in Melbourne, making it a magnet for people who want to live close to the city’s bustling financial and commercial districts, but also want to take advantage of the green space and outdoor activities that come along with living in a suburb. The Yarra River is the northern border of this suburb, and along the river, many gardens and parks can be found.

Though this section of the city used to be part of South Melbourne, during the last twenty-five years since its establishment, it has grown into its own suburb, with its own unique atmosphere. Before 1990, this part of the city was very industrialized, but a period of urban renewal converted many of the older buildings in to high rises. It is now home to some of Melbourne’s biggest corporations, including Crown Limited, and the Herald and Weekly Times.

This suburb also has one of the highest population densities in all of Melbourne’s suburbs, with apartment buildings sidling up to office buildings. Southbank is also home to Crown Casino, and the Southbank Promenade, making this area one of the best places for individuals to find entertainment. There are also a number of historical buildings here, including the Victoria Barracks, and the Malthouse Theater.

With the lights of the city reflecting on the water, Southbank is truly a beautiful sight, during the day, or at night. The beauty of the city and the vast array of activities in this suburb often means that residents put off making a will in Southbank until it is too late.

Even though Southbank’s residents are highly educated and are often employed in professions that require advanced degrees and a great deal of hard work, many do not realize just how important it is to have a living will, even as a young person setting out in life. If you have possessions, you need to have a will to make sure that in the event of your death, they are distributed to the right people.

Those who die without having written a will leave their legacy and their estate at the mercy of the court system. While some estates are swiftly distributed to the right parties, even a small estate can be fought over for months or years in the court, prolonging a family’s suffering. Making a will in Southbank is the best way to make sure that your legacy is properly preserved and that the loved ones you leave behind are properly cared for.

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