South Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s smaller suburbs, with a population just over 9000. Sometimes also called Emerald Hill, because of the hill that was the center of this suburb in its early days, this area is one of the oldest suburbs in all of Melbourne, and is famous for the beautiful Victorian architecture that is still prominently featured here.

In its very early days, South Melbourne was a meeting place for the ceremonies held by Aboriginal tribes. After the 1840s, when European Settlers came to this part of the world, it was colonized and became one of the largest canvas towns in all of Australia, due to the gold rush. Workers came from all over the world to work in mines and stake their own claims. While some did strike it rich, many people pitched their tents and never found work. This area was actually a slum for decades before prefabricated homes started to be built in the 1870s and 1880s.

Officially incorporated in 1883, it was one of the first suburbs of Melbourne, and though it was widely called Emerald Hill, the city changed its name to South Melbourne during its incorporation. Over the next hundred years, the city went through waves of gentrification, as many of the older buildings were restored to their former glory.

South Melbourne is home to both the Seven Network and Global Television, making it one of the centers of television production in Australia. Many of Australia’s shows are stilled filmed in this city. The suburb’s football club is also a favorite among Australians and one of the most successful.

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