You can find Port Melbourne nestled in between the Yarra River and Hobsons Bay, in an area that was once called Sandridge, but has since changed its name. This suburb is one of the oldest in all of Melbourne, established in 1860, only twenty years after the first settlers came to this part of Australia. The area was originally going to be called Brighton, as this name was preferred by the Captain whose family settled the area, but by the time the suburb was established, another suburb had already claimed the name.

In its early history, Port Melbourne was primarily a port. As more and more people flocked to Victoria, it also became one of the most popular areas for gold miners to camp and seek out their own claims. It was one of the most major transportation hubs in the area, and it continues to be today. In the early days, this area was very industrialized, with factories that pumped out everything from sugar and soap, to candles, rice, and boots.

Because this area was so active and drew so many people from all over the world, many criminal operations also set up shop in Port Melbourne. Smuggling was big business in this area, and many of the unions were controlled by crime families. Over the last decade, however, as Port Melbourne became less and less important to Melbourne’s trade and industry, it has become a great place to live. Close to the busiest parts of the city, without being in the very heart of the hustle and bustle, with access to the waterfront and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to take part in, it’s no wonder that Port Melbourne is still one of the city’s most populous suburbs.

Many residents of this beautiful suburb put off making a will. Port Melbourne is an active, lively place to live and work, which can lead to many people to avoid this necessary life event, some until it is far too late to rectify. Dying without a will means that your estate is distributed by the state, which might not be a bad thing in every situation, but affords you no control over how your legacy is received. Making a will in Port Melbourne is the only way to ensure that after you pass away, your family and loved ones are properly cared for.

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