Making a will as most people are aware is a very important aspect of life and financial planning.

Recent surveys point to only 35 per cent of Australian adults having a ‘current will’.

The survey conducted found that probably half of the Australian population have got a will, but when people were asked if they died tomorrow whether they would be happy with their estate distributed as set out in their will, they said no,”.

This would indicate that a high % of people WITH a will would leave a problem as it has not been kept up to date

The survey also found that only 19 per cent of families with young children have a will.

Startling numbers which indicates a great opportunity for someone interested in helping people protect their families and assets.

So to our story ………………

Once upon a time, long long ago in the early 1990’s BI (Before Internet) making a Will was extremely difficult and expensive to do.

People had to go to a lawyer, taking time off work to do so. Often, they had to pay high fees for the drafting of these documents and wait a long time for them.

Hence the number of people without Wills was a very high % of the population.

Deregulation of various legal services in the UK offered an opportunity for Wills to be drafted by companies other than law firms.

Colin Chapman set about devising a service over and above the ‘norm’ so that prospective clients would see the difference between going to a lawyer and utilising an alternative.

3 things were paramount to the success of Colin’s venture.

Home visit, fixed prices and fast turnaround. (These were all things that lawyers, and law firms did not make available to the public)

In March 1995 Colin opened the doors of Homevisitwills Services. One of the first in the UK to do so Homevisitwills established itself very quickly as an efficient alternative to making a Will.

Colin made use of his time spent in the insurance industry by offering Homevisitwills’s services to financial planners, insurance brokers, accountants and mortgage brokers for their clients.

The network of referrers grew to more than 500, keeping the home visit team busy.

At the same time employee benefits were growing in the UK and companies were looking for added services and benefits for their employees.

By networking and referral from existing clients Homevisitwills provided their services as a benefit to over 200 companies, and still does to this day.

Meanwhile Colin and his family visited Australia and fell in love with the country, the people and the lifestyle it offered.

It would appear the only route to entry to Australia would be through a business migration visa. Investigation revealed that there was no Will writing industry in Australia, other than through lawyers and law firms, unlike the UK, and this opened an opportunity to migrate Homevisitwills to Perth, Western Australia.

With legal services very much under the regulation of the Law Society umbrella Homevisitwills would have to engage the services of a qualified lawyer to operate in WA.

An introduction to an accountant in Perth opened up Homevisitwills’s chance to do business and a lawyer was introduced to Colin when he arrived in September 2009.

Homevisitwills Australia began doing business in WA in January 2010 and has enjoyed great success since under the business names of Homevisitwills, Homevisitwills and Wills4Women.

Offering the same services to financial professionals and companies the business has continued to grow.

With Homevisitwills Western Australia now firmly established Colin felt it was time to ‘go national’ and give Australians across the country the opportunity to enjoy the ease and efficiency of making their Wills.

With Australia being so vast in size the best way to do this would be through a franchise opportunity.

So, after 23 years in the home visit Will and estate planning business the aptly named brand ‘Homevisitwills’ are launching their Franchise Business opportunity at the Brisbane Franchise expo.

Homevisitwills’ many thousands of clients have, over the years, protected their families and assets by using the home visit, fixed price, friendly service. Age has no bounds in will writing and Homevisitwills clients range from 18 to 103 years old

The investment in this very simple turnkey Homevisitwills franchise is $20,000. Depending on the franchisees situation there are additional start-up costs of between $10-15,000.

Franchises are distributed to be fair to all franchisees. The territories are based on approximately 100,000 population per franchise. Homevisitwills have plans to establish 15 in the first 12 months expanding to 120 in 3-5 years.

For further information about this unique business opportunity contact Colin Chapman on 0429926964 or email