What started off as a canvas town slum in order to house immigrants and native Australians who were looking for gold on the land near Melbourne has now become a large, thriving suburb of the great city. Located south of the Central Business District in Melbourne, it is an affluent neighborhood and one of the oldest suburbs of Melbourne. South Melbourne, because it is centered around a hill, was once called Emerald Hill. Long before European settlers came to this region, native tribes would use this hill as a gathering place and for ceremonies. When settlers did arrive in South Melbourne, they, too, made this their gathering place and today, this hill is the home of the South Melbourne town hall.

Once prefabricated houses and cottages arrived in Australia, they began to replace the canvas towns that housed tens of thousands of workers and miners during the gold rush. These homes drew middle class workers and upper class families to the area and led to a boom of construction. Many of the Victorian style terrace houses still stand today and make South Melbourne a very attractive address for both home owners and businesses alike.

Of the more than nine thousand people that live in this suburb, only a small fraction have taken the step of making a will in South Melbourne. Many people assume that wills are only for the elderly. The truth is, however, that any person who has assets should have a will. This ensures that their estate is handled properly, no matter when or how they pass away. Avoiding making a will in South Melbourne because it is inconvenient or because the suburb holds so many other fun activities is not a good excuse to leave your loved ones unprotected.

In the event that a person dies without a will, their estate is distributed, usually to the closest living relative, by the state. This might not be, however, exactly how the deceased wants his estate to be handled. If there are charities, causes, or other individuals you want to provide for, these desires could fall by the wayside if you die without writing a will. This is why it is important for all people to have a will. It affords you control over your estate and allows you to provide for the causes and people that you love.

The biggest reason most people avoid making a will in South Melbourne is not because they do not want to or do not understand the importance of having a will, but simply because they have not made the time for this important process. This is where our home visit will experts come in. One of our experts will meet with you, on your own terms, whether in your home, office, or other location, and discuss with you the needs of your estate, no matter how complicated or simple it may be.