The Southbank skyline is one of the most iconic in all of Melbourne. This borough sits beside the Yarra River, and at night, the lights on the buildings reflect in the water. It is a beautiful place to live and has long been a gathering place for the ambitious, artistic, and family-minded alike. Over the last twenty-five years, since it became its own suburb (having broken off from South Melbourne), apartment buildings, outdoor art exhibits, and businesses have gone up all over Southbank. What was previously a heavily industrialized part of Melbourne is now being renewed into one of the most up-and-coming neighborhoods in the entire city.

The old factories and wharves are being converted into apartment and office buildings, while new buildings are being mixed in with the old industrial style to create a new and unique area of Melbourne. Though modern buildings do dominate Southbank, some of the best-preserved buildings in city reside here, including the Malthouse Theatre and the Victoria Barracks.

Southbank is one of the city’s most forward thinking areas. It has long been home to many of Australia’s broadcasting networks and television studios, which draw people from all over the country and the world. Innovative, progressive, and unique, Southbank is a great place to live. Though many of its residents are forwarding thinking, there are still a large number of people in this suburb that do not have living wills. Wills are not something just for those who are dying—they are for anyone who is concerned about protecting his or her family in a time of tragedy.

It is not just the aging population who needs to think about making a will in Southbank. In fact, in many cases, those who are young and healthy have just as much need to create wills. A will is designed to protect your assets and to make sure they are distributed how you want them to be distributed, no matter when you pass away, whether it is decades down the road or if tragedy strikes. Ignoring the reality of disasters and accidents can leave your family without the legacy you have worked so hard to put together for them.

The number one reason Southbank residents do not have wills is not because they do not know they are important, it is because the need does not feel pressing, so the perceived inconvenience of meeting with a lawyer and drawing up a will does not feel worth their time. Our will making services make it easy and simple to get a will that provides for your family, loved ones, charities, and organizations. We meet on your terms and our will experts will help you draft a will that protects your legacy and makes sure it is properly distributed to the right people. No matter your station in life or your situation, making a will in Southbank should be a priority.