What is Probate?

If there is a Will, probate is the process by which the Will is proved, by the Court, to be valid.

In order for an executor(s) to get authority to administer a deceased person’s estate they usually need to obtain a document called a “Grant of Probate”.  This document is the proof that your executor(s) are authorised to administer your Will.  To obtain a Grant of Probate the executor(s) must apply to the Supreme Court.

We can assist with applications to obtain a Grant of Probate.  Homevisitwills have fixed price fees, which will be discussed with you when we meet, therefore you will have certainty about the costs.

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What if there is no Will?  

Letters of Administration

If someone dies without a Will an application will need to be made to the Supreme Court for Letters of Administration.

The Letters of Administration can then be granted by the Supreme Court to an appropriate person (usually a beneficiary of the estate).  That person(s) can then administer the deceased estate.

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